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Who Would Have Thought!

I wanted to wear my Halifax Hoodie; still need to add the drawstring.  Shoe laces have been recommended for this. A friend of mine had on a RTW hoodie and the drawstring was definitely a shoe lace. 

My husband is like Turtle on Entourage, a HBO (?) series no longer showing.  Turtle was obsessed with buying tennis shoes (kicks).  So was my husband for a period of time.  Many of the shoes came with colorful laces.  Many of the shoes were purchased at Foot Locker.

During lunch break on Friday, I hop over to the mall which is five minutes from my office and go into FL only to find that they don't sell shoe laces!!!!!?????  They have some great looking shoes with matching or contrasting shoe laces, yet they don't sell any in case you need to replace them or choose to wear another color.

Who Would Have Thought that a store that sells these type shoes would not sell them.  The sales associate suggested I go to Target or Walmart.  What a missed opportunity.  With retail sales changing…

New Fabric and New Project

As I posted previously, I will be retiring soon. I do not really need more fabric but I got a lovely email from Cali Fabrics offering a discount because I have been a frequent buyer of their fabrics. And because it was my birthday I decided to take advantage of the offer. They have some lovely knit fabrics that I have purchased and sewn. However this time I bought a lovely rayon challis fabric.

The other fabric I purchased was a Ralph Lauren green stretch poly woven. I am bound and determined to make a nice fitting pair of pants in 2018. I thought this would be a great fabric for this.
I didn't actually plan to purchase the fabrics to go together but when they arrived it really was a great match.
I decided on my next project. I thought first I would sew a topper but decided not to. Instead I am going to sew a jacket using a Simplicity pattern. The fabric I chose to use is one that I acquired from Fabric Mart in 2016.
Either side could be used. The photo above has been lightened to…

Halifax Hoodie

This is my first make for 2018.  All fabrics are from my "curated collection".

The sleeves and cowl neck is fabric from LA Finch Fabrics.  I used it to make the Pamela's Pretty Peplum top.

The bodice is from fabric I purchased from Girl Charlie Fabrics.  I thought it was from Gorgeous Fabrics and I did buy a similar shade from her, in a beefier double knit.
The cuffs and waistband are from ribbed knit that I acquired from Fabric Mart along with several other colors.

It is rather colorful and if it did not fit well then I was not going to be overly upset if it was a wadder.  The mustard fabric was about three yards.  I have enough left over to make something else.

I still need to add a drawstring to the collar.  I am looking for either purple, gold or teal shoe laces.  I am never in need of shoe laces or rarely so, hoping to find some soon.  Otherwise I will have to use fabric to cover some cording for the drawstring.

The fit with this pattern was not bad at all.  I cut t…

Life in 2018

I decided to participate in the 2018 RTW Fasters and continue to participate in MAGAM.  I am off to slow start with both, at least it seems slow to me. 

My first garment for the year is still a work in progress.  It is the Halifax Hoodie by Hey June.  The instructions are good, though they jump around a little.  It is drafted for much taller women that I.  I reduced the length by 1.5 inches, reduced the sleeve length by one inch but ended up taking another 1/2 inch off because when I add the cuffs those sleeves are going to be really long.

I used fabric from stash-Girl Charlee Mustard Ponte and LaFinch fabric used in the Pamela's Peplum.  Plus the cuffs and waistband are from ribbing knit acquired from Fabric Mart last year.

My plans are to sew more casual clothing for 2018 and to finally  make a pair of good fitting pants.  My current casual/business tops are being worn to death.  Some will last forever, I am just tired of wearing them.  Others are beginning to peel and hate that…

2017 at a glance!

This year garment sewing slowed to a crawl.  I read other blogs and many bloggers  garment output was triple and quadruple compared to mine.   I sewed garments using mainly  Big 4 patterns witha Style Arc, Pamela's Patterns, Sewhouse 7, New Look and the Tunic Bible patterns as part of the mix as well.

Here is a recap of 2017


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