Who Would Have Thought!

I wanted to wear my Halifax Hoodie; still need to add the drawstring.  Shoe laces have been recommended for this. A friend of mine had on a RTW hoodie and the drawstring was definitely a shoe lace. 

My husband is like Turtle on Entourage, a HBO (?) series no longer showing.  Turtle was obsessed with buying tennis shoes (kicks).  So was my husband for a period of time.  Many of the shoes came with colorful laces.  Many of the shoes were purchased at Foot Locker.

During lunch break on Friday, I hop over to the mall which is five minutes from my office and go into FL only to find that they don't sell shoe laces!!!!!?????  They have some great looking shoes with matching or contrasting shoe laces, yet they don't sell any in case you need to replace them or choose to wear another color.

Who Would Have Thought that a store that sells these type shoes would not sell them.  The sales associate suggested I go to Target or Walmart.  What a missed opportunity.  With retail sales changing, it seems to me that you would want to provide something that compliments what you are selling.

I did not have time to run to Target or Walmart and pretty much stay away from the mall on the weekend, too many people.

So I did what I usually do when I can't buy local, I searched what I needed on Amazon. (Yes, I am a Amazon Affiliate and if you click on my affiliate link and purchase an item I will get a small commission.)  This comment is not intended for you to click and purchase, only to express my dismay at a Foot Locker store one cannot buy shoe laces.

Lucky for me, Amazon had a source where I could buy a rainbow of colors and purchase 12 pairs for $5+.  They will arrive Monday!  I will finally finish this project and have something new to wear.



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