B6183 Progress

I only got some real sewing on Sunday.  I completed the back unit and I found an Okay zipper to use for the back zip.
Blue exposed zipper
I had a very difficult time inserting this zipper.  I love invisible zippers and can install one so quickly.  This required two passes to get it right.  I am not real happy with the bottom of it but hopefully no one will get that close to see it.

I have some fullness to take out of the back princess seams from waist to hip.  I basted the side seam after attaching the zipper and sewing the shoulder seams.  Other than that fullness the blouse fits well.  I love that I did not have to do a FBA as I was able to take advantage of the D cup front pattern without needing any extra!

Not a lot more to do and hope to do a few minutes here or there this week.


  1. I guess learning any new zip technique is going to be a challenge. Looks okay in the photo :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah Liz! I have sewn exposed zippers before in a different way and wanted to try it per the instructions. It's okay maybe next time I will be more careful with the technique.


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