Busy-no sewing

This is the time of year that I call Budget Season at my office.  Staff and I have to prepare capital budgets, payroll budgets and the list goes on.  This has created more evening work and less play time for me.  During this time, we have strategic planning process taking place as the budget and the plan should match up.  We have a planning retreat with our Board of Directors Sunday afternoon into the first half of the day on Monday.

My weekend will be one free day-Saturday.  Unfortunately for sewing time,  there is another planned event for that day, so sewing has come to a halt.  Hopefully I will find a few moments here and there to continue working on the Butterick top.  Not much left to do actually: insert sleeves and hem.  I did baste the back princess seams from waist to hip and I need to try on again as I think that will eliminate some of the fullness in that area. 

Overall I like this blouse.  To me it is somewhat of a cropped top with shaping.  I do see more of this one being made for fall.

Happy sewing and more updates later.


  1. I do not envy you - you have a lot of pressure at the moment - always quite stressful, doing these sorts of tasks. And no sewing stress relief.


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