Love when Friday comes

I find that I start looking forward to Friday every Monday.  With the arrival of Friday comes thoughts of sewing and family time for the weekend.

I need a zipper for the current Butterick top in the works.  I have numerous zippers yet not a one that will work if I decide to sew an exposed zipper as called for in the pattern notions. Hopefully there will be one at JoAnn's this weekend. If not I will make it work some other way.

As someone said at work on Tuesday when I said it was my Monday on a Tuesday; the great thing about three day weekends is a 4 day workweek.  Enjoy your weekend and happy sewing.


  1. Being close to a Jo-ann's is a luxury. Ours in over 45 minutes away. I make a list and pick up my "needs" when there is a good sale. Until then I either make due or shop Amazon!
    I can't wait to see that you are sewing with an exposed zipper, I'm not brave enough to wear one yet!
    Bonnie @

    1. I just posted a picture of this zipper. I am not overly pleased with the outcome, the opening for this on this blouse is not easy to work with.


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