Some Sewing

I had some time this afternoon to do a little sewing.  I did not actually sew anything together yet.  I needed to get my serger set to use on the two fabrics for the Paulina Top.  

The red solid fabric is a rayon knit and rather lightweight.  I had a hard time getting the differential and stitch tension correct.  I am not totally happy with how it is set now; it will do.

The lace knit has a very open weave to it.
I tested the use of the serger for edge finishing and decided that I did not like how that looked.  I decided to use fusible bias tape. I think that this secures the edges.
Next step is to attach the front and back of the lace fabric at the side seams.  I will then use the bias fusible tape to secure those edges and then turn the edges for hemming.  This fabric, which is the overlay for my top, will then be attached to the solid red fabric.

Up dates on progress later.


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    1. I am being very easy with the lace. I can see how my bracelets or other items can get caught in it.

  2. That lace knit is beautiful! Love the texture and the colors. Excited to see this one born. :)


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