Black Ponte Knit Dress

Remember this post where I needed a black ponte knit that would go with a previous purchase of a black and brown ponte knit from EmmaOneSock. The purchase from Mood was a lighter weight fabric that would not work with the brown and black fabric; it was the right black just not enough thickness. I tried applying interfacing to a piece hoping that that would give it the right hand I needed. It did and yet it didn't. Following up with Linda at EmmaOneSock, she sent me 5 different samples and happily 2 of the 5 were perfect and I was able to order what I need.

When that fabric arrives I will switch my focus to making my LBD. I still am trying to choose between two dress patterns. Meanwhile I will still focus on a raglan sleeve top.

More updates to follow. Enjoy your sewing weekend.


  1. I admire your persistence on finding the right weight fabric. I have been where you are many times and usually put it to the side and it becomes a stash fabric and pattern.

  2. Thanks, Annette. This is becoming an obsession to get what I really need and not compromise my dress and then end up not liking it. I too have done as you have.


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