Test Two of Tribeca Top

As I noted in my last post I am working on the Tribeca Top. My adjustments that I made with the 2nd top helped some yet I'm not happy with the outcome. Even though I'm using the high scoop neckline it is still low on me. The top also has a tendency to fall back and I'm not sure how I could fix that with raglan sleeves. Even with the adjustments in the back I still have fullness in the upper back right above the waist, not at the shoulders, and the hip adjustment now makes the back swing forward at the hemline.

This is the fourth raglan sleeve top I have attempted. Perhaps this is not the right style for me. My issues are at the neckline for all of the tees I've tried and with my narrow back and hip fluff. I'm just not finding the right combination of fitting adjustments thus far.

I have found that Kwik Sew knit top patterns have provided some nice fitting options for me and I have a newer raglan tee pattern plus an older version from previous years; I have not tried either one of them.I think with the Kwik Sew patterns I will be able to pin fit them for my needs. I will use a knit fabric from my stash and not one of the newer fabrics that I purchased to make some new knit tops.



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