Raglan Sleeve Top Progress

Today I tackled the Kwik Sew pattern for a raglan sleeve, high scooped neckline. Interestingly this is now an out of print pattern and I would say it's probably a replica of an older version of this top.
"from the Kwik Sew website"

I made View A accept I change the hemline and used View B's hemlineAs usual  Kwik Sew pattern was fairly true to size, perhaps I should say true to my expectations of size using KS patterns. I made my usual adjustments: sway back, 3/8 inch horizontal tuck in upper front and back bodice, shortened sleeve length by 2 inches and it was still too long so while cutting it out I reduced it another inch.

The fit of this pattern was much better than my recent attempts using Burda, New Look, Kitschy Coo and Textile Studio. I probably should have just used this right off but it's nice to try other pattern sources; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't!

Here is a photo shot of the top in progress:

I have pinned in the 3/8 inch hem. After completing the bodice hem I need to hem the sleeves and I'm ready to go. There was still some pooling in the back so I have now adjusted the pattern taking out another half inch above the waistline.

I have not used Kwik Sew patterns recently as much as I have in the past. Since Kwik Sew was purchased by McCall's the patterns have changed some; they are still printed on white paper though thinner paper. With this particular pattern there were no finished bust, waist or hip measurements. Let me correct that statement; there was a measurement on the back pattern piece that said bust and hip measurements were XX  and noted per size.  Really posting this information on the back pattern piece and stating that the bust and the hip are the same size, interesting! The sleeve was extremely long; some of the older patterns had varying length lines for the sleeve. This one did not. I had to take measurements both for width as well as length. Some changes are good, some are not.

The really good thing is that this top fits me the best and a few small tweaks will make it perfect!


  1. Interesting that the measurements were on back :/ the color is pretty. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Yes I thought that was odd also. I like the fit of this one; again I used a fabric from my knit collection.

  2. I have the older version of this pattern (on the heavier paper) and have used it many, many times. Love its fit. I miss the "old" Kwik Sew before the take over............

    1. I actually thought I had the older version of this also; I did not find that but found another "sweatshirt" pattern with set in sleeves. The heavier paper made tracing a little easier also.


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