Snow days and sewing

Wednesday and Thursday the Southwest area of Virginia where I live got hit with a heavy duty snow storm.  We got 24 inches of snow.  I know many of you in the Northeast region have had more than your share of snow.  I have not been able to get out of my neighborhood to go to work yesterday and today.

So I worked from home Thursday-got to love technology.  Today was a vacation day of sorts as well as Valentines.  My valentine and I spent the day shoveling snow out of our driveway and off of our vehicles.  I did get some sewing in today and my February garment of the month is almost complete.

I am pleased with the fit of the top.  The extra I added at the bust proved to be unnecessary; reducing the length of the collar was a great idea for me.  The fabric, a sweater knit from EOS, has been great to sew.  I am almost finished with the top; I only need to hem sleeves and bodice.  If I make this again, I will narrow the shoulders about 1/2 inch.  It's not bad now but with McCall's patterns the shoulder width is usually a little wide on me.

Photos to follow.  I am thinking about my next project-a dress, skirt or another top?  So many things I want to sew it is hard to narrow it down.  More later.




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