V8904 Progress

I took shots of the front and back of the dress with all tiers pinned or basted to the underlay. 
Per the instructions you are encouraged to lay the front and back pieces side by side; this is to aid in lining up the tiers so that when you sew side seams all tiers will line up appropriately.  This was rather tedious.  There are notches on the sides to help line up pieces as well. 

Here is a shot of the underlay knit lining.

I am concerned now about the weight of that piece.  When cooler weather hits, I may have wanted a heavier bottom knit.  It is true that the tier pieces do add weight to the garment.  We will see.

Next steps are to baste the side sides together to make sure tiers line up and to check the fit.  Once fitting adjustments, if any, need to be made then the instructions call for attaching the neckband by not stitching one shoulder edge, basically apply neckband  flat.  I normally attach knit neckbands differently and may decide to use my TNT method.

More updates to follow.


  1. I love, love, love your fabric choice. It's so vibrant and fun. Look forward to seeing the end results.

    1. Thank you. My camera does not do this fabric justice, it looks even better in "real" life.

  2. The fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous colours, so I hope this dress turns out well.

  3. I never imagined the dress in something other than stripped or solid fabrics. I think it's awfully creative of you to come up with the solid/print mix. Waiting patiently to see the finished product.


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