Holiday Mood

I am calling this my Holiday Mood top.  This is the completed Renfrew top.  The knit fabric is from Mood and my intention is to wear it for a holiday event with family members today, thus Holiday Mood.
Holiday Mood

This is a lovely knit fabric, super easy to work with and wish I had purchased more.  The wrong side of the fabric, IMHO, I think could be a top as well.  I remember making a knit top many years ago that was a gold metallic and it made me itch where the metallic threads would touch my skin.  Metallic knits have come a long way baby!

Here is a close up of the collar. I wish I had draped the left side better.

And this is the waistline cuff, though it really sits at the hips; and the cuffs for the sleeves.  You can make this without using the cuffs for a design change.  I liked the look of them.
I will try to get my photographer to take photos before we visit family.


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