Les Fabrique and Vogue

This is the next project.  This is my fourth top from this pattern.  What can I say it is a winner and the neckline just goes with so many of the jackets and sweater jackets that I wear.

The fabric is a knit with raised metallic areas purchased several years ago from Les Fabrique in Charlottesville, VA   I have washed this knit and there were no issues with the raised metallic areas.  I have not tried pressing and think it will be okay as long as I use my pressing cloth.

This Vogue pattern, as seen in the sidebar, is one that I probably can now sew in my sleep.  The first top from this pattern was way to full through the body and if you look at the models you see this reflected somewhat.  It is a rather boxy shape from bust down.  I went down in size from the bust down after making the first pattern and added an essence of waist by taking a deeper seam through that area.

I hope to cut it out tonight.


  1. I like your HolidayMood top. Perfect for the holidays, or an evening out anytime.


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