Simplicity 2451

The only thing left to do is hem the skirt and the lining!  I took some photos this evening of the skirt
This is the completed skirt except for the hem.
This is closer look of the yoke and side pockets.
I topstitched the edges of the yoke.  I did this also because it helped to keep the yoke edge in place.  I wish I had edgestitched the pockets, but didn't.
This is the lining side of the skirt.  The upper edge of the skirt needs to be pressed and I may edgestitched the top edge of the yoke.  I am pleased with the fit of the skirt and now I only need to decide on what the top should look like.

September was my month of skirts.  One I did not complete and that was the Magic Pencil Skirt.  I just did not like the knit fabric I chose to use.  I needed something with a little more body to it.

For October I am going to concentrate on tops and jackets.


  1. I'm jealous of your beautiful skirt yoke. That is one really pretty skirt!

    1. Thank you. I think I will make another skirt from this pattern.

  2. What a beautiful color! Your craftsmanship looks superb!

  3. I love this skirt! I thought to myself, " I have to have that pattern". I looked it up and realized that I do have it. Your skirt just looks so much more. I have pulled this pattern out several times to use it,but put it back. I'm a believer now that I have to use it. I know what fabric I'm going to use. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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