Mixed prints

Let me say first and foremost I love this Vogue skirt pattern.  Mostly because I really like the fit and the uniqueness of the pattern.  My next version of this skirt will be in a solid color and with topstitching that will accent the many pieces that make up this skirt.  So far I have made it in print fabrics that do not reveal the yokes and the side front pieces.

Here is a previous post about the recent version of this skirt.

I purchased a few knit tops from J C Penney's recently and this was one I fell in love with because of the large dots on the front with back and sides being solid black.  It also came with the skinny black belt I am wearing in the photo below.  Never thinking when I purchased it that I would wear with this skirt.

Not the best photo background to use and the view is from a mirror using my iPad.   This is a semi side view.  One more shot and more of a frontal view.

I also wore a lightweight sweater in black with this as the AM was chilly turning to warm by midday.  With the sweater on someone thought this was a dress.  Now that I have tried the mix print look, I am ready to try more.


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