Magic Skirt

I completed the Vogue 8750 skirt; the bias did not grow.  I only need to add the hook and eye.

I started on the Magic Pencil Skirt.  I am using a knit fabric that has been in my stash for so long and don't remember when I actually purchased it.  I do know that it came from  There are two sides to this knit fabric with the predominantly white background most likely being the "right" side.  I decided to use the "wrong" side for this skirt.

This is a scrap of the fabric
Not sure why I have been on this black and white kick of late, perhaps because the machines are set on this.  Yet I keep seeing a lot of black and white in the magazines which is also an influence.  Once this is completed, I am switching to pale yellow.  This is the fabric up next.
I also plan to use this knit fabric from EOS for a top to wear with this skirt as well as some others in my closet as well as planned.
It goes nicely with the crepe fabric above but the photo of the yellow fabric looks washed out and could not get the edit of the color correct.  

Have to give the neck and shoulder a rest.  Sewing in spurts helps but frustrates me when I am on a roll.


  1. I bought that fabric too. I made it up into a cardigan years ago...gotta see if that's still in the closet because I haven't worn it in a minute. This will make an interesting skirt.

    1. I remember you and I bought this fabric and exchanged comments/emails about it. I do remember your cardigan from it. Making a skirt from it may prove to be a mistake; fabric has been staring me in the face for years!


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