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I am looking forward to the weekend.  I have taken the pattern out of the envelope and hope to get going on the next skirt.  My work activity this week has just been draining and just no energy to do much more after getting home from work.

I have to say that we had some cooler temps recently and this has been a boost to my doing more planning for some garments for the upcoming fall and winter.  I have definitely taken time to move the spring/summer fabric from the sewing room to the fabric storage room. (That sounds like a vault of some sort, trust me it is not).  And I have selected some fabrics to begin a transition wardrobe.  Coupling those from the stash with some of the new pieces I recently acquired.

I also got an opportunity to visit Les Fabrique in Charlottesville and picked up two nice pieces of fabric at 50% off.  One was an ultra suede piece and the order was a border print linen blend.  I will post some photos of those soon.

Congratulations to several sewing bloggers who were selected to be part of the Mood Fabric Sewing Network!  I think this will be interesting to follow and actually see what this is all about.

More updates later.


  1. Linda, thank you so much for the shout out! I'm sure that you will carve out some time for sewing this weekend!


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