A girl can change her mind, can’t she?

I have decided to go a different direction with the tangerine fabric.  With the weather pretty much warmer these days, attempting a jacket seems like a waste of time.  I just don’t wear jackets that much during the late spring and into summer.

So the fabric is going to become a dress.  This is fabric acquired earlier this year from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Tangerine-woven herringbone-GF2012

This is the pattern I will be using:P1000119

I am going to take the design of using contrasting neck band and welt pockets shown on the black and white dress, and use this on the pink style.  I am not a fan of v-necks on me so not using that look.  Here is the contrasting fabric:

Tangerine and Fushcia

I fell in love with this color combo because of a pair of shoes I found on the web; and because that color is found in the dress I just completed.

I spent most of the afternoon in the sewing room making fitting adjustments to the Butterick pattern.  Here you can see the FBA that I completed.  P1000114

I still need to make swayback adjustment and FSA.  With my ongoing neck/shoulder pain, I have to do this in spells.  It is very frustrating.  More updates later.



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