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Skirt progress

The skirt is almost complete.  I need to stitch the front and front side pieces together.  This is the last sewing step in the process, except of course the hemming.The front pieces overlap each other and require that the skirt facings be attached before you overlap the right and left front pieces.  You have to baste these front pieces together before stitching the front and side front pieces together.This is not difficult to do . Adding a lining adds some bulk to those seams and with one side with gathers you must adjust those to how you want the gathers to look before the final stitching also.  The pattern does not call for one but I like linings in some skirts, particularly wool.    You definitely want to make sure that you have fitted the skirt prior to this last step also as it makes it more difficult to remove facings and take up seams.    I had to make some final fitting adjustments for the waist area, the waist was a little too loose.  All in all, I like the look of this skirt…

Happy Thanksgiving-2010

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good day.  I spent most of the day cooking and eating.  I was able to sneak in a few moments of sewing, working on the Vogue skirt pattern. 

Progress thus far:
1.Side back and back pieces sewn together.
2. Invisible zipper inserted
3. Cut out lining fabric as it is wool fabric for skirt and I like a lining with wool.
4. Back and side back lining pieces sewn.
5. Front and side front pieces attached at upper part of skirt per instructions.
6. Facing pieces interfaced and front and back facings sewn together.

Tomorrow we travel to Danville to see MIL and hopefully tomorrow evening I can complete the sewing of the front pieces.  Instructions are unique to the way the front pieces are to be attached, overlapped and gathered.

Fabrics, dress and skirts

This is the boucle fabric I purchased earlier this month from  The predominately black boucle also has white and pale blue which does not show up well in the photo.

I tried on the dress one more time before cutting out and starting sewing on my skirt.  Here is a shot of it; still needs to be hemmed and the center front bodice tacked together.  I tried it with a thin, chain belt which helps give me more of a waistline but the photo is very blurry. 

I cut out the Vogue skirt and started sewing it.  Off now to resume sewing for today, in between, pre-Thanksgiving day cooking.

I actually sewed something

I finally had time to sew a little this weekend.  I completed the side seams of THE DRESS!.  Everything fits.  I still need to hem it but I am tired of working on it and have put it aside for awhile.  Life is too short to stay glued to this project.
I even test drove my blind hemmer.  Let me say that the manual for this machine is very limited. When I first attempted to try it I used a lining fabric scrap and the needle never touched the fabric.  So I decided that I would remove and reinsert the needle.  I then tried another fabric scrap, the double knit fabric from my dress.  This time the needle penetrated the fabric.  It did okay for a few stitches but then something (what it did is still to be determined) got loopy stitches.  Progress nonetheless.  
Here is a shot of the stitches and the front of the fabric

From the right side:

I cleaned off my cutting table and pulled out some fabric that I want to work on next for some sewing projects.  I am going to make a skirt from this Vogu…

Where have I been

I looked at my blog and realized I have not posted anything since last weekend.  Work and housekeeping has kept me away from my blog and my sewing room.  My sewing mojo is dormant just because so much is going on elsewhere in my life. 

I do see some glimmer of hope on the sewing front though and mostly because I will be on vacation and holiday all next week.  I mean can you believe next week is Thanksgiving and a month later it is Christmas?!

I did go into the sewing room last night though and spent some time with my new blind hemmer machine.  I finally got it threaded.  I went to JoAnn's yesterday and purchased one of those serger threader "do-hickeys" as the best way to thread the needle on this is to use that.  I also purchased a magnifying glass to help my already stressed eyes to feed the threader through the needle and pull the thread through it.  I did not try it out though as I had to go work on some work for my job that could not be fitted into the "normal…

Look what came home with me!

One of our ASG members had a sale several months ago at her home.  She is downsizing and selling several of her sewing/embroidery machines as well as other sewing related items. 

She had shared with me several years ago how she won a blind hemmer machine in an auction.  She also told me she had never used it.  I mentioned to her if she ever decided to sale it to let me know as I wanted a blind hemmer machine.

When she announced her sale, I emailed her and told her I could not make it to her sale and I was still interested in the blind hemmer if she was making that part of her sale.  She did not put the machine up for sale at the time.
Last month she asked if I was still interested in the machine and I agreed to take it off her hands.  So when I joined several ladies for dinner prior to ASG she said she had the machine in her car and we transferred it to mine.  I think I got myself a real bargain.
I hope to get it threaded to try it this weekend.  Isn’t she lovely?  Here’s another vi…

Back from business trip

I made it back from Richmond Tuesday evening, safe and sound.  AND with no new patterns or fabric.  I did stop at Hancock's on my way to hotel Sunday afternoon.  I was wanting to purchase one or two KS patterns just released for fall/winter but they were not in stock :-(.

I also looked at some faux suede fabric in a lustrous, rich gray color but left it at the store along with some other fabrics.  Just was not quite feeling the love.  I compensated by ordering two boucle fabrics from  So not quite empty handed and hopefully will have them in hand tomorrow.

Tonight I attended my ASG meeting and something special came home with me. It is something I have wanted for a long time.  A member is downsizing and selling off several sewing machines, fabric and more.  I will take a photo and post what it is tomorrow.  Until then---

I think the end is in sight!

Are you as tired as I am about reading posts about THE DRESS!?   This project is consuming me.  I inserted the zipper last night and basted the side seams for final fitting.  I used 3/4 inch seams and decided I need to take an additional 1/2 inch through midriff and upper hip area.  After that I will hem and finish off some topstitching.  I wish I could complete all of this today but in a few hours I am traveling to Richmond, VA.

My next few projects have to be for immediate gratification.  I have so many projects on my list to sew.  I want to make a few skirts and some tops.  I also need to work a jacket into the mix.  It has been a long time since I made a jacket and interestingly my DH pointed this out to be also.

I will be perusing sewing blogs this evening in my hotel room and basically doing some virtual sewing if only through others.  Got to go, packing and breakfast to make.

This and that

Well no sewing here this week.  Some work weeks are like that, mine a lot lately. 

I did get the cortisone shot yesterday and beginning to feel some relief with my left wrist.  Yeah!  Husband got a return to work -light duty release today.  Yeah, Yeah!  I know he is tired of being at home and I want to have a sense of our old routine again.

Tomorrow we visit his mother so no sewing until late evening.  Sunday is a business travel day for me late afternoon.  I will be in Richmond, VA for Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon.  I hope to visit a Hancock's fabric store there.  I have my eye on a few Kwik Sew patterns and hope to pick up a couple.  Plus I want to look at some fabric with the hope they may have some boucle fabric to see and touch.  Mainly though it is going to be long day on Monday for meetings and continuing into a group dinner Monday evening.

I am hoping after this weekend I can get more serious sewing time.  I have a lot of projects in mind.  With all the family…


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