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Well no sewing here this week.  Some work weeks are like that, mine a lot lately. 

I did get the cortisone shot yesterday and beginning to feel some relief with my left wrist.  Yeah!  Husband got a return to work -light duty release today.  Yeah, Yeah!  I know he is tired of being at home and I want to have a sense of our old routine again.

Tomorrow we visit his mother so no sewing until late evening.  Sunday is a business travel day for me late afternoon.  I will be in Richmond, VA for Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon.  I hope to visit a Hancock's fabric store there.  I have my eye on a few Kwik Sew patterns and hope to pick up a couple.  Plus I want to look at some fabric with the hope they may have some boucle fabric to see and touch.  Mainly though it is going to be long day on Monday for meetings and continuing into a group dinner Monday evening.

I am hoping after this weekend I can get more serious sewing time.  I have a lot of projects in mind.  With all the family issues with wrist and back, my sewing motivation has not been high and THE BLUE DRESS has absorbed all of my attention. 

Reading through others' blogs is very inspiring so for now I will continue to follow others sewing adventures until I get some real sewing time in for me.


  1. Good to hear that your hand is feeling better. Hope you get to take a fabric shopping break on your business trip. Look forward to seeing what you buy!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your comments.

  2. Hope your travels go well. It's good to hear things are looking up with your wrist and that your husband is making forward progress. Have fun "touching" the boucle. I so know what you mean!

  3. I am glad that your wrist is better. I cannot wait to see more sewing from you!


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