I think the end is in sight!

Are you as tired as I am about reading posts about THE DRESS!?   This project is consuming me.  I inserted the zipper last night and basted the side seams for final fitting.  I used 3/4 inch seams and decided I need to take an additional 1/2 inch through midriff and upper hip area.  After that I will hem and finish off some topstitching.  I wish I could complete all of this today but in a few hours I am traveling to Richmond, VA.

My next few projects have to be for immediate gratification.  I have so many projects on my list to sew.  I want to make a few skirts and some tops.  I also need to work a jacket into the mix.  It has been a long time since I made a jacket and interestingly my DH pointed this out to be also.

I will be perusing sewing blogs this evening in my hotel room and basically doing some virtual sewing if only through others.  Got to go, packing and breakfast to make.


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