Where have I been

I looked at my blog and realized I have not posted anything since last weekend.  Work and housekeeping has kept me away from my blog and my sewing room.  My sewing mojo is dormant just because so much is going on elsewhere in my life. 

I do see some glimmer of hope on the sewing front though and mostly because I will be on vacation and holiday all next week.  I mean can you believe next week is Thanksgiving and a month later it is Christmas?!

I did go into the sewing room last night though and spent some time with my new blind hemmer machine.  I finally got it threaded.  I went to JoAnn's yesterday and purchased one of those serger threader "do-hickeys" as the best way to thread the needle on this is to use that.  I also purchased a magnifying glass to help my already stressed eyes to feed the threader through the needle and pull the thread through it.  I did not try it out though as I had to go work on some work for my job that could not be fitted into the "normal" work hours.

My new fabric order arrived and I realize I need to take photos of the new boucle fabric.  I want to share the look of the fabric that will be used to make two new jackets.  So sewing thoughts are still churning in my brain though actually sewing is not occurring.

Later and thanks for continuing to read my blog.


  1. Time is flying way so quickly. I am challenged with finding time to blog and sew as well. Today I decided to squeeze some in. I'd love to see what your new blind hemmer can do.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I am so glad to hear that when other things are going in "life" you don't have much sewing mojo. I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!!
    Hang on until your holiday break! Keep us posted on the sewing that will be going on.
    Looking forward to seeing your new fabrics.

  3. Oh, I guess that is life, I haven't made any blog entry since last month, been so busy with other stuffs... Sure you will catch up... Hope you enjoy your holiday break


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