On to the next dress

I completed the Simplicity dress last night; I only needed to hem it.  It now needs pressing-a lot!  Linen and wrinkles go together hand in hand.  I did not feel like pressing it today;  I plan to wear it later this week and will press and take some photos of it then.

I said earlier that the yellow dress was going to be my last summer sewing project.  Well-I am making one more dress and cut out the fabric this AM.  It is a border print that I acquired from Fabric.com months ago.  It was labeled as silk dupionette.  As you can see from the picture there is a floral border.  I decided to reverse this and use the border at the neck-shoulder-upper body and have the flowers cascade down the dress.

This is a simple Vogue dress pattern that truly allows the fabric to carry the design.  I made this dress earlier this year and received so many compliments when wearing that I knew it was a great dress style for me.  I could have started sewing on it; but kind of lost the sewing mojo as I began to think about things I needed to do before returning to work tomorrow.  My vacation has been a good one, time at the beach and time sewing.


  1. At least you're keeping your sewing machine humming! :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing both dresses.

  2. Wow, that fabric is wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. The fabric is beautiful. And what a splendid idea to reverse the use of the border.


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