True confession-I am not overjoyed with the yellow dress

I know many of you have kept up with my posts about the Simplicity dress.  I am pleased with  how I underlined the dress bodice.  I like that I lined the flounces with self fabric.  I even like my elastic covered belt with silver buckle.  I have to say that the dress feels heavy, probably due to the weight of the bodice flounces as they were designed to be one layer. I love the color and the fabric I used was nice to sew.

However I am just not overjoyed about the dress as I thought I would be.  I don't wear flounces in the bodice much so that feels unusual to me.  The neckline stands away from neck and shoulders.  I knew that it was going to do that as it did from the start and a couple of things I did to try to fix it just didn't eliminate that.  I even thought I should take a deeper seam in the upper chest area, as I think the dress feels too wide.  But if I do that I don't think I could get it on, as it is a pull on dress.

Here's a link to the photo shots of dress-front view.

I actually pressed the dress before putting it own; you can see the wrinkles just from putting it on.  I plan to take it to dry cleaners for a good pressing and will wear it next week.


  1. Your yellow dress looks lovely 0 but you say you don't like it as much as you expected to - it does look fine on you but your comment about the neckline is possibly spot on, I wonder if it might be better with a tiny bit of a v neckline...
    just a thought.
    Love your blog.
    keep sewing.

  2. I feel for you... it's such a let down to put your time and energy into a project that doesn't meet your expectations. Like Elaine, my thought was "maybe a v-neckline". But I'm partial to those, so thought it might just be me.

  3. I have followed your progress since I have this one and held off until I saw it made-up. Beautiful color, but I see what you mean about the neck/front. The dress is beautiful, but it needs a larger neckline like previously mentioned, a v, maybe. Maybe not used to seeing you with ruffles like that, too.

  4. Oh no! Sorry that it didn't come out as expected. I know what you mean about working on something for so long and then not being happy about the results...

  5. I think the dress is actually a great dress. I looked at the original photo and notice that the neckline scoops a little. I really think if you lowered your neckline a bit you would like it more. More than the neckline, I notices your cap sleeves, this makes your dress seem wider than it actually is. Consider eliminating the sleeves. With these two minor adjustments I think you will fall in love with your dress again.

  6. I really like the shade of yellow in this dress and it is so nicely constructed. And the color looks lovely on you! The belt is a perfect finishing touch. I agree that the top looks too wide with the cap sleeves and think eliminating them, as Alethia mentioned, might be a solution to liking the dress more, in addition to lowering the neckline in some way, via a deeper scoop or a v-neck.

  7. Sorry that you're not happy with your dress, but that is enevitable when you sew. Wouldn't it be great if we could try our sewn garments on beforehand? There's so much to make though--just move on and make something that knocks your socks off!


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