What I am up to sewing wise

I topstitched the pockets to the BWOF jacket. I have decided I will not add the pocket flaps; I think there will be just too much activity in that area of the jacket and I don't want to draw too much attention at that waist line.

I looked through more of my buttons and either I have a nice match but only one to three of them. I thought about covered buttons and decided I am not wanting to do that. Unfortunately I do not have a great button source to go to locally. The closest place with a good variety of buttons is over an hour away. I am looking on line yet the colors on monitor are not necessarily a great match to fabric. I have a holiday coming up so I think I will be planning the hour drive to search for buttons.

Putting the jacket aside, I straightened up the sewing room and vacuumed the carpet. I then went through my fabric that I bought from the storage room to the sewing room and matched it up with patterns I want to sew. I am going with my current plan and will start to work on some knit tops first.

This is the first knit top pattern I am going to cut out and sew--I have adjusted the pattern for FBA and FSA. I am going to sew it up in blue floral knit fabric that has been in the stash for years. I am going to make the sleeveless top as I will only have enough fabric for that one. The next top from this pattern will be the one with 3/4 length sleeves.

Photo courtesy of Butterick Patterns website


  1. Good luck finding those buttons, and looking forward to seeing your finished garments.

  2. Interesting pattern with those darts (or gathers?) at the neck line. I look forward to see how it will look like when you have it finished!


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