Not sewing this AM

We are off to visit family in Danville today. My jacket is patiently waiting to be completed. I still do not have buttons yet. Once I can get as far as I can with the jacket until buttons materialize, I need to work on some tops-knit and woven.

Roaming others blogs or Flickr photos, I am inspired to sew tops. I like to wear skirts and pants when cold but I always feel I need more tops to change up the look. I actually have some TNT's and have several new ones to try as well.

Got to go, DH is giving me that "time to go" look.


  1. I love having lots of tops to change looks too. Last year I made 15 knit tops between Oct. 31 and Nov. 30. Seems as though I'd have enough by now. I didn't end up keeping all 15 of them. I planning another knit top marathon sometimes this year too. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. I have been in top mode as I am determined to conquer the world of knits!! I have several skirts I want to make - need to get back to those! This weather is calling for me to make more 3/4 length sleeve tops, though!


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