Work and No Play

Friday evenings I normally do grocery shopping after work so that Saturday can basically be a play day. The past few Saturdays we have had to take care of family issues with MIL.

This past Friday was a day long trip to Richmond, VA for business purposes that requires leaving very early to attend an early AM meeting, lunch, afternoon meeting and 2.5 hour driving trip back. Then pick up DH and take to get his vehicle out of the shop. Thus grocery shopping was postponed to Saturday.

So Saturday proved to be mostly a non-sewing day. The sun was shining instead of raining so being out and about in sunny, warm to hot weather proved to be pleasant anyway.

Late last night, close to midnight, I did finish cutting out the Butterick dress. So I have two pending sewing projects ready to go. This AM I set up the serger for the brown and cream knit McCall's dress. I need to thread the coverstitch machine and I am ready to go.

More later.


  1. And probably, since you haven't been able to sew, that's what you want to do most. Anyway, that's how it is with me. Make a pretty dress or two!


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