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M7019 Version 2

I thought that this project was going to do me in or I was going to do end this project!!!!

This is a simple, easy to sew pattern that I made previously. So all adjustments were made and I thought quick and done.  That also meant that my other project to do over the holiday and extended weekend would be complete.

An earlier post showed my original plan to use this royal blue fabric from Fabric Mart with Girl Charlee Aztec knit.

The Aztec print just doesn't do much for me at this time.  Also it was a different weight and blend of knit that I decided would not do well with the solid knit.

So I went to my stash and pulled this fabric, from Vogue Fabrics.
This knit was similar to the solid yet was a little thinner texture.  It proved to be somewhat of a nightmare to work with.  I have learned over the years to purchase more fabric when buying online than what a pattern calls for as you never know what may happen during the sewing process.

Removing stitches from this knit was terrible,…


I  was surprised to see I had not posted since 3-14.  I know I had several blog post thoughts and obviously they have been stuck in my head.

I went on a pattern buying binge recently.  I took advantage of Simplicity pattern sale at JoAnn's a few weeks ago, here's what I purchased.  The McCall's was not on sale though it was 40% off as they usually are at JoAnn's.  The Simplicity was $1.99 (I think) each.

I have pin fitted the McCall's pattern taking into account the amount of ease for this full flowing top. I still made a FBA of an inch and moved the dart created to the gathering edge of the front piece that attaches to the center front placket.  I also made my usual FSA and swayback adjustment.  I went with the size S again because of the amount of ease.

I hope to cut this pattern out tonight as I am off for Good Friday and I am also taking Easter Monday as a day off.  Hope to get some serious sewing in this weekend.

I also took advantage of the recent Club BMV p…

Up next

Now that my Freaky Feb. project is complete I am on to March Moreish sewing, which is sewing more of a certain pattern, fabric, tops, skirts, etc.  My  more is going to be tops/blouses/tunics.

So I am going to make the following two items soon.  One is this McCall's pattern I just purchased last week
I love the fabric the model is wearing and hopefully can find something in a border print as lovely as this.  For now I will use fabric I purchased from EOS in March 2014. A lovely lightweight viscose cotton fabric.  I think it will result in the same drapery look as I see with the models version.

I saw Lori's top on her blog Girls in the Garden and liked how hers looked.  I plan to make the same one that the model is wearing on the envelope cover.  Though I won't be using a a contrast fabric for the yoke at the center front and shoulders, unless I find something in my stash between now and the time I cut and sew the pattern. Somewhat doubtful I will.
The other pattern I plan …

My first Eleonore

I finally finished my Freaky February garment!  Actually I am rather proud of the accomplishment as you have read that I don't sew pants.  So instead of sewing perhaps a simple pair of pants, I should just jump into sewing jeans, which do require more fitting IMHO.

I still need to hem these jeans and tweak the fit considerably more, I thought I would show you how they turned out for the first pass at trying pull on jeans sewing.  I read and re-read reviews at Pattern Review which were most helpful.

Without further ado

I reduced the length prior to cut the fabric by one inch, after sewing the front and back pieces, I took out another inch before attaching at inseam and side seams.  There is a lot of fullness in the leg width and they certainly need adjusting.  I tried to lighten the photo to give you a better idea of the fit.
From the back there is considerable leg fullness from under the butt down.  I know many sewist complained about the size of the back pockets.  On me, I think…

Catching up!

Sewing has been minimal of late.  A couple of weeks ago, we lost power for several days due to snow/sleet and freezing rain which toppled tress in several neighborhoods including where I live.  Without power for three days required living in a hotel to have warmth,  to eat and shower.

The weekend following this freeze developed into restocking some refrigerated food items, defrosting a smaller refrigerator and catching up on laundry, etc.  Then our bank account was messed up from a very bad error relating to a payment to a creditor; filing a fraudulent complaint got all parties talking and money put back into our bank account.

And then this week I received a phone call that my cousin who came to live with my family when I was in elementary school, becoming my quasi brother, passed away unexpectedly.  So spent time with family the past three days helping arrange funeral services and catching up with long time family members and friends.  I am still feeling the loss.

This afternoon I ac…


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