M7019 Version 2

I thought that this project was going to do me in or I was going to do end this project!!!!

This is a simple, easy to sew pattern that I made previously. So all adjustments were made and I thought quick and done.  That also meant that my other project to do over the holiday and extended weekend would be complete.

An earlier post showed my original plan to use this royal blue fabric from Fabric Mart with Girl Charlee Aztec knit.

The Aztec print just doesn't do much for me at this time.  Also it was a different weight and blend of knit that I decided would not do well with the solid knit.

So I went to my stash and pulled this fabric, from Vogue Fabrics.
This knit was similar to the solid yet was a little thinner texture.  It proved to be somewhat of a nightmare to work with.  I have learned over the years to purchase more fabric when buying online than what a pattern calls for as you never know what may happen during the sewing process.

Removing stitches from this knit was terrible, the least little pull on a thread could easily create a small hole.  Not knowing that when I began the project I decided that I would serge this top for all the seams and then I had issues with the serger, more operator issue than the serger.  The issue required that I restitch one shoulder seam that led to one to many holes in the that shoulder seam and then a big rip.  Thus I re-cut the pattern pieces again and thankfully I had enough of the print fabric to do this.  I almost ended the project but persevered and completed the project.

Here is the top on a hanger, photos wearing to be produced later this week.
Back View

Front View

 I am pleased with the fit and the final outcome.  Getting there was a heck of journey.


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