Latest fabric acquisitions

After going through my knit fabric collection to make test garments last week, I found it somewhat lacking in appropriate knits for the season.  I had seen some knits on several sites.  I obsessed over a couple at EOS and know if I don’t order quickly sometimes, others beat me to the purchase. 

I ordered two knits from EOS.  One is a Ponte knit called Bittersweet; it is somewhat what I would call a pumpkin color.

Ponte Knit-EOS-Nov2012-Bittersweet

The other knit is an ITY knit in a black, charcoal and cream floral print. 

ITY Knit-EOS-Nov-black, charcoal, cream

The next four knits are from Vogue Fabrics.  Two are from the current Winter 2012 Fabric Swatch and two were in the prior swatch.  The two floral fabrics are double knit; the  rust colored fabric is a knit crepe and the steel gray is a bamboo knit.  I have yet  to try bamboo knit but understand that it does shrink a lot. 

Bamboo knit-Vogue Fabrics-Nov-Steel grayFloral double knit-Vogue Fabrics-Nov-blue,teal,lavendar,rustFloral double knit-Vogue Fabrics-Nov-gray, brown, rustKnit crepe-Vogue Fabric-Nov-Rust


  1. The floral doubleknits are gorgeous! Simply stunning - what do you plan on making with them!

    1. Actually I had planned to make skirts. Erica B had on a skirt in similar fabric that became an inspiration for one skirt version. I have enough of the solid colors to make a top and cardi to go with skirts.

  2. I love the watercolour effect on the floral fabric. Such beautiful fabric to plan with...

  3. You always have the best fabric hauls.


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