A little sewing, a litte of this and that.

Yesterday was the annual holiday celebration for our local ASG chapter.  As always it was good food and good fun.  When the event was over it was household shopping and then home to make dinner.

Late Saturday evening I began sewing the Boat-neck top from Pamela's Pattern.  I did not get very far with this.  Today was not much sewing going on as housecleaning was in order for an expected delivery of a washer and dryer, Santa's gift to DH and me.  To make a long story short, the appliances were too large to get into our basement as the only entrance is through the inside of the house and house was built in 1949.  DH did not measure twice and cut once!!!  So back to Lowe's to pick out a different set and the folks there were so accommodating and great to work with on this.  They had to order the set as I wanted a chrome color.  So Santa will come back next weekend.  And no extra cleaning on my part will be necessary.  DH measured and measured some more to be sure these appliances will fit through all doors.

Upon returning from Lowe's I decided to attach the sleeves to the top and then sew up the side seams.  Done!  Only thing left is to set up the cover stitch machine to hem the sleeves and the top.  That will have to wait as I just simply ran out of steam.

Here's a not so great photo of the top laying on the sewing machine bed.  It was taken with my Samsung Galaxy Player.

The fabric is much prettier than this photo and is unusual as well.  I will model it later when finished.  There is still an issue with folds forming at the bust area even with an added dart.  I need to figure that out.  Not bad, just noticeable to me as a sewist.


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