Last garment of 2020!

 My sewing was not my usual for the year. Sewing was up and down!  I signed up for the PR Fabric Stash contest in an attempt to push me to sew. It's starting to work for now.

I made another Sinclair pattern. The fabric used was a double-faced green/blue knit from Sew Much Fabric, 2017.

It is a more muted shade and I prefer something brighter. I remember the plan was to sew a McCall's pattern. However, as with my sewing, I change plans frequently. 

I have enjoyed sewing Sinclair patterns, so decided this was the fabric to use from the stash. I made an error in printing this top and ended up with larger pieces. I did not trace the pattern print out and decided I really need to go back to "team trace" Taking that extra step would have reduced the fitting adjustments with cut out fabric.

There are many makes of this pattern on the web with much prettier or brighter fabric mixes. Since it is now officially winter, I felt this fabric was a perfect sew.

I used a 12 upper chest from and back, changing to 16 for bust and then changing to 14 below the bust to hip. I did not need the 16 bust and found that the shoulder width was too wide, ended up taking a 5/8 seam with the sleeve at the shoulder and a 3/4 seam from bust to the end of the sleeve. 

Here are pics of my wearing to make a Walmart grocery pickup.

The back is solid green and the front is blue and green

The strips are sewn first and then topstitched using stretch sew (lighting stitch), zigzag or cover stitch. I had planned to use my cover stitch machine for this, yet did not as  I lost the tiny screwdriver needed to remove the needle for replacement or moving to a wider or narrower stitch. Amazon to the rescue as I searched local stores for this small screwdriver and the only sewing related store was closed for the holidays. I was able to get a screw set for small sizes but a nice handle grip.  Link to this on left side label under Amazon. Full disclosure- I am an Amazon associate and could receive a commission if you were to use this link. 

I used the lighting stitch what I normally do not use for the topstitching. For the sleeve and top hems, I used my cover stitch machine, once the screwdrivers arrived two days later after ordering.

My first project for 2021 will be the Laundry Day tee with fabric from Fabric Mart, 2013. 

I am moving forward with my sewing for 2021 as I work on improving my positivity into the new year.


  1. Very cute, fun top! Can't wait to see your new top from your stash fabric It's so interesting.

    1. Thanks! I am trying to figure out how I am going to do the pattern placement on this fabric!

  2. I really like the effect of the stripes! Good luck on your LDT. It is a great pattern!

  3. This is a great combination as well! Love your top!


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