Fabric Purchases for 2020

I did not break the bank with fabric purchases last year. I actually purchased four fabrics for the year. That in its self is a record for me. My goal for 2020 was not to make any new fabric purchases and to focus on fabric stash. I certainly do not feel any guilt about these purchases.

I purchased two fabrics from Sly Fox Fabrics in June. Both are ponte knits and purchase to make the Calypso top from Sinclair patterns. By the time I was ready to start on the project, I lost my sewjo and decided in September that this was more for spring. 

 I ended up using double-faced fabric in December for that fabric!

After Christmas, I took advantage of a sale at Fabric Mart and purchased two knit fabrics at a truly great price.  One was a black knit crepe fabric. The pic below does not do this fabric justice. This looks like a faded black when it is really a true black knit.

I think I may need to upgrade my camera. 

The second fabric was blue lapis fabric with a distinct pattern, that pattern does not get captured at all in this pic. The color is correct.

The pattern is rectangular blocks that are horizontal and vertical throughout.  It is a double knit. I have no real plans for this one. I just wanted a blue fabric.  The black is going to be top either from Style Arc or Helen's Closet. That too is subject to change.

I decided to post this as I had to reprint the Laundry Day Tee as I had not updated my pattern to the newly drafted 2020 pattern. After more printing and taping, decided I needed a break before tracing this one.

More later.


  1. 4 yards of fabric purchased for the year is amazing!!!! I am a short drive from Sly Fox fabrics now that they have moved. I hope to visit them one day soon.

    1. Lucky you to be so close to them. They have a lot of various fabrics. I made another purchase from them in 2019 and the challis fabric I purchased was a good quality.


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