Last Fabric Purchase 2019

First Happy New Year!!!!
I will not be posting a 2019 garments.  I just did not sew that much!! I plan to sew much more in 2020 and have some plans to actually put in writing to keep me focussed.

This was my last two fabric purchases for 2019

The top fabric is a variegated olive green sweater knit from  It feels like a medium weight sweater knit.  I plan to use this one as my next Cape Cod Capelet.  Our weather has fluctuated from cool to cold weekly.  Today was one of those days that the capelet would work well.  Tomorrow I need a heavier coat.

The bottom fabric is a distressed knit, a fabric I had been searching for for a long time. This was my very last purchase and it came from Miley Fabrics.  This will become the short sweatshirt from the New Look pattern I previously posted about.

I am getting ready to put them in the washer to prepare for cutting and sewing. I made only 7 fabric purchases this year, a record low for me.  Trust me I still have more fabric in the stash.

Updates later.


  1. Happy New Year!

    I like both fabrics, and think the distressed knit is especially interesting. I look forward to seeing the capelet in the medium knit.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! The distressed knit has a smooth backing behind it which may help in it not being totally distressed with wearing and washing!

  2. Nice fabric choices. Only 7 fabric purchases this year! You are my inspiration! Tell me your secret! LOL! Here's to renewed sewing mojo this year!

    1. Thanks Bonnie and I hope all my sewing ideas come to fruition.

  3. Happy New Year! I love distressed knits and if they are in my color range I snap them up. I like to make lists of my wardrobe plans, I agree it does help focus me on what to sew. I also then pull out samples from my ample stash and group them on a cork board in my sewing room. I move them around a lot, but eventually I get it where I am happy.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I am about to start another garment using the distressed knit. I like the cork board idea and may try this.

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