First Project Completed 2020

I just completed my first project for 2020, another Cape Cod Caplet.  My last project for 2019 was the same pattern.  This is a first for me in making the same pattern twice in a row.  I have sewn patterns two or three times just not back to back.

I love the color of this Hacci Sweater Knit from  I had to get the pictures taken so I went with the Saturday relaxed look. I cropped off my head in a couple of projects as with my light hair and complexion I felt I looked bald!  I knew tomorrow I would not have the time to take photos and wanted to get this documented. So here's the second version.
Front view

Another front view. Sleeve hem turned up not what I was going for!

Back view!

Side view

Inside the sleeve

I used my serger for sewing this as I did with the last one.  The only time you have to use the sewing machine is to enclose the sleeve area to make it a caplet.  I used my cover stitch machine to hem it and again I applied bias fusible tape to help give it a little more stability.  

I had a mix of green/gold/yellow serger threads, but not enough of the green to use just green to serge and coverstitch.  The only thing that I did not like after completing this project was that the yellow/gold serger thread in the bottom looper of the coverstitch is a little obvious and will show.  I wish I had used black thread as there is a mix of black throughout the fabric.

I also added an inch to the collar to give it a better drape.  Other than that it is straight from the printed pattern.  

An easy peasy capelet to sew. 

(Note: I am an affiliate for Itch to Stitch and if you click on the link on the left sidebar and use it to purchase a pattern I will receive some compensation. The opinions about the pattern are my own.)

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