New Look 6314 and new sewing tools

I am working on sewing New Look 6314.

This was a project that turned into a wadder. Due mostly to the knit fabric that was just not right for this pattern.  I ordered a distressed knit to use for this project. 

The fabric has been washed and is ready when I can get all the fitting adjustments to the pattern completed.  With the first project, I made forward shoulder adjustments as well as a narrow shoulder adjustment to front and back.  I did not make an FBA for the first project and after trying on the pattern again, I decided I did need 1 1/2 inch adjustment.  Also, I made a 5/8 swayback adjustment.

After making the FBA I realized that the bust dart had to be lowered by an inch. After trying the pattern on with these adjustments I decided that I need to adjust the neckline; currently, it is too wide and low.

Here's the pattern as adjusted without neckline adjustment.

Yesterday was my birthday-69 years young!!!  I decided to buy myself a gift and purchased from Stylemaker two notions with my birthday discount.  

One tool is a self-measuring tape that has a locking mechanism in order to get a better measurement.

The other is a combination of tracing and marking tools.

One of my goals for 2020 is to be a better blogger so wanted to get this post in and now I am going to work on the neckline adjustment.  More later and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy birthday!! The marking tool looks interesting. I'd like to know if you get consistent, crisp lines.

    1. I received this yesterday and have not tried yet. I will be giving it a try today. Will post more information on another post. Thanks for birthday wish!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love that distressed knit and can't wait to see it sewn up.

    1. Thanks. I am finishing the pattern adjustments. I had planned to cut it out today but had cable guy here most of the afternoon and was distracted.

  3. Happy birthday!!! What wonderful gifts to get yourself--I know you will use them well.

  4. Happy birthday, Linda. Yes, it's great to treat yourself to something that you really want. Looking forward to seeing your finished top. I like this pattern too.


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