M7904-The shirt that is a shirt now!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know the struggles I had with M7904 as posted here and here.  I finally got the snaps and affixed them to the shirt.

I took today as an opportunity to wear the shirt and took a few photos of me wearing this before I walked out the door. Today was not a good hair day, it was very muggy and my hair went limp before I left the house. I really needed to brighten up the makeup as my hair and pale skin with a shirt with light beige as the dominant color made me looked rather washed out.

Here is the back view which really shows more of the paisley/geometric design as well as the green in the fabric.
Back view
The left side I used the design horizontally.

Left side view
The right side of the design was placed vertically.

Right side

Here is a close up of the snaps I used, I had to order new ones so that I could complete the project.  I think they worked nicely with the fabric.  You may notice that I fastened the shirt with the left front over the right front which is not the norm for women.  The design on the left side worked better than the other side.

Snaps instead of buttons

I took this photo to show that when you raise your arms the shirt pulls up, I think the issue is that the armhole needed to be raised.


As to wearability, this passed nicely.  I thought the fabric would wrinkle a lot more than it did. Sitting and wearing a seat belt did create some wrinkles and I actually thought it would be more so. (Sorry no photos of me after wearing.)

I will wear this again.  It is not a style that I have worn much and it is still taking me some time to adjust to it. My DH comment was " well, it is very different".  I think it was a compliment or as close as I will get to it.

I think I have written enough about this pattern. I plan to write a review on Pattern Review soon.

I have finished the fitting adjustments for the Simplicity top-a Mimi G style.  I hope to cut out the fabric soon.

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  1. Glad you were able to finish it! It looks really good on you! Love the way you played with the fabric print too.

    1. Thanks! It is still growing on me. I think maybe in a different fabric I may like it more. Will see.

  2. That looks great! I like your fabric placement. I love working with snaps, but it always gives me a little anxiety putting them in. LOL I have a Mimi G pattern that is a dress that snaps down both sides. One of these days I want to give that a go. Good call on putting left front over right. No one would have been the wiser. When I make shirts, I always have to look at the pattern to see which way to put it.

    1. Thanks Shirley. I hope you are enjoying Florida!


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