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M7904-The shirt that is a shirt now!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know the struggles I had with M7904 as posted here and here.  I finally got the snaps and affixed them to the shirt.

I took today as an opportunity to wear the shirt and took a few photos of me wearing this before I walked out the door. Today was not a good hair day, it was very muggy and my hair went limp before I left the house. I really needed to brighten up the makeup as my hair and pale skin with a shirt with light beige as the dominant color made me looked rather washed out.

Here is the back view which really shows more of the paisley/geometric design as well as the green in the fabric. The left side I used the design horizontally.
The right side of the design was placed vertically.
Here is a close up of the snaps I used, I had to order new ones so that I could complete the project.  I think they worked nicely with the fabric.  You may notice that I fastened the shirt with the left front over the right front which is not the norm for w…


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