Found some sewing mojo!

I started feeling better after going to the doctor and getting some medication for this crud.  Unfortunately, my husband has it now so we are coughing and coughing together.

I printed and taped my next Ellie and Mac pattern, the Discoverer Tee. Now that I am more familiar with this pattern line my pin fitting adjustments were a lot easier to make. (For full disclosure, I am an affiliate and should you purchase this pattern from my site, I could earn a commission.)

Still working with fabric from my stash I pulled three fabrics.  The green and print fabric were purchases made from EOS a few years ago.  The green is left over from a tee shirt I made.  The other fabric was purchased and I got the remaining fabric that was left on the bolt from EOS.  The cream color one is from Fabric Mart and it too is left over from two projects.

So fitting adjustments to pattern have been made, except for making a small FBA which will be done later.  I then plan to cut out the fabric.  I plan to use the printed fabric which has only 25% stretch and the green which has a little more stretch, hopefully, they will play well together.  I am hoping not to use the cream colored solid as I really just want the other two.  My concern is if there is enough fabric for the upper bodice and short sleeves from the green.  We shall see!


  1. I hope you feel better soon and your cough goes away; I hate how coughs sometimes linger for days!

  2. I am so glad you made an MD visit, and hope you and your husband feel better soon. Can you please give me some insight to your FBA? I just learned how to do one on a fitted knit dress for a friend, and was wondering what your measurements were, and how you decide what the final amount of increase will be? Do you notice a marked difference in the final result, even though there is some stretch in a knit already? Thanks!!!!

    1. I have been using the Palmer and Pletsch pin--fitting method for years. When I sew a knit pattern, I pin the front and back pieces together at shoulder and side, and then determine how much the center front is from my center front. It usual is about 1 to 1.5 inches off. For knits, I estimate the amount of stretch and then make the adjustment. For example, if the stretch is 50% then I adjust the amount by 50%. So one inch would then become 1/2 inch adjustment. This normally works okay. Here lately I have made the adjustment and it has been too much, but I can shave this off by reducing the side seam or making a deeper bust adjustment. Per Sandra Betzina, you adjust the bust by 1/2 inch from the finished measurement based on cup size-so C cup is 1/2, D is 1 and DD is 1 1/2. That is assuming the pattern is designed for a B cup size. I hope this helps.

    2. That makes sense!! Thank you! I will find out soon how my adjustment works for my friend, but according to your info, I feel good about it.

    3. Great! I am finding several sources that offer different methods for making FBA's.


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