Wearing Jalie Bobbie Top

As posted yesterday, I wore my new top to Surf City to see a friend from my previous job.  The weather was very accomodating, no rain and we had lunch outside on the deck at Buddy's Place-fish tacos.  And just as I started typing this I realized that neither one of us took selfie shots.  Oh well!

I took these photos of me wearing this top this AM.  As you can see it is rather loose and I think a little large.  It felt comfortable though and the liner/facing did not ride up or get fiddly.  Yeah!

My friend said she thought I had lost weight!  This picture does not say thin to me.
Upper chest looks a little large to me.  I have some gaping not much with this top.

Here is a side view and underarm view.  This liner/facing design idea is just the right idea for this type top.

All in all I like the way this felt today.  There are some tweaks to be made with the next one, which I am looking through my fabric collection to find the perfect fabric to sew.


  1. That looks great on you! I really like the fabric.

  2. Fabulous! You are looking great in your new top Linda!

  3. Now that looks familiar!! Great job with this :) :)

    1. Thank you! I remember seeing the fabric on a blog and did not remember whose blog it was. Glad you commented. I truly loved your version so consider my copying yours as a compliment!


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