First I realize that I have not correctly typed the pattern name in earlier post(s).  I am happy to report that this is my first sewing project since February and my first after relocating/retiring and first in the new home.

I jumped on the Jalie Bobbie bandwagon after seeing the first review of this pattern on Pattern Review.  I ordered the pattern and had to wait as it was on back order for a short time.

The fabric I used was a poly spandex knit with significant stretch and purchased from Simply By Ti fabrics.  It was called Paint Splatter Yellow.  I think it was aptly named.

I like Jalie patterns but I always seem to have some struggles with determining correct size. I used x for upper body and y for waist down.  I also made a 1 inch FBA and kept the dart.  Unfortunately the dart falls below my bust point and that is okay and better than being to high, also not so visible in this fabric design.   I probably did not really need this adjustment as the top is rather large on me.  I reduced the length of the shoulder by 1/2 inch and perhaps next time I will shave off a little more. I reduced the length by 1 inch prior to cutting out the pattern and ended up cutting off another inch before hemming using a 1 inch hem allowance. I am 5'3" and rather long waisted for a petite; still 3 inches removed and now seems right lengthwise.

I also, like some other reviewers noted, sewed the underarm area an inch higher.  With the liner/facing underneath, the still low underarm area is okay because of this design feature.  I did end up taking a deeper side seam on the liner/facing piece to help pull in the top some and to eliminate the rolling out of the fabric at the v-neck.  Not sure why I had that issue as I understitched as the instructions required.  I think some of it has to do with fit and the other is the stretch and weight of the fabric. 

After stitching the facing to the top at the shoulder seam allowance, I still had some rolling out and decided to topstitch all around the neck area which took care of this problem.

I plan to wear this top tomorrow as I am going to have lunch with a former colleague who is vacationing at Surf City.  Unfortunately we are having a monsoon and days of rain can make for less days on the beach.

The photos that follow are not of me wearing the top; I am not picture worthy today!

These are close ups of the neck, the dart and the hem



I will make this again with adjustments for size.  I will take some photos of the me wearing tomorrow.

Next project to be determined which may be another Bobbie.  I just have some other top patterns I want to try and now that my sewing room is now functionable I am ready to work on several projects.


  1. Very interesting fabric indeed! Can’t wait to see it on you!

  2. So glad you're sewing!!! Cute top. Gotta love a jalie!

  3. Lovely colors and I'm sure the top will look very nice on you!


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