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Quick Update

I have had some time to sew today and made progress on Simplicity 8425 dress.

I took a a couple of photos of the choker collar and this one was the better one of all.
The instructions for this pattern are really very good.  After I took this picture, I added the front and back facings.  I am not good with v-neck sewing to get the perfect V.  I plan to search YouTube to see if there is a tutorial that I find helpful.

My scuba knit fabric is beefy and adding a facing over the back collar pieces has made this very thick.  I plan to trim out some of the bulk, before under-stitching.  Next step is to insert the zipper and this goes all the way up to the collar.  Reading ahead with the instructions, I don't like the way they have you finish the zipper at the collar. I think I will do this differently.

More to share later.

Simplicity 8425

I started a new project over the weekend.  It is Simplicity 8425.  I truly love the look of this pattern.

Here is the fabric I am using, a scuba knit in navy, from Fabric Mart.  So far I have sewn and resewn the darts and stitched the shoulder seams.  I did press the darts but don't looks so attractive on AlmaMarie below.
A lot more to be completed but wanted to share a glimpse of what is in the works.

PR Tunic Contest

I have been meaning to post about the outcome of the Tunic Contest!  This was the tunic I entered.
Well I came in fourth with the number of votes. I think there were about 81 entries, so not to shabby result.  I enjoyed the process of making this tunic and learning to use my ruffler foot.  I actually wore the tunic a couple of weeks ago when we had some almost fall weather!  It passed the wearability test and I got quite a few compliments from staff and my DH.

Now that it is a officially fall, we are back up in the upper 80's, low 90's.  So put this aside for the moment.  I may try another tunic using the Tunic Bible when I find the right fabric.

On to the next project!

I finally completed the Pretty Peplum Top!

OMG!  I cannot believe how long it took to complete this project.  I eliminated so much width with this pattern.  This was definitely a lot of frog sewing with this one.  But I was bound and determined to get this to fit as I really like this fabric and it was worth it to keep trying.

The pattern is now adjusted with all the fitting changes.

I have not worn this yet.  It is a heavier weight knit that will be great for cool/cold weather.
Here is the completed top-front view and close up

So I am now on to my next project using fabric from stash-a navy blue scuba knit.  This is a recent pattern purchase from Simplicity, S8425 with choker neck band.  I plan on making the dress.

I have pin fitted and made adjustments to the pattern.  I need to pin fit again to make sure all adjustments are what I need.  Updates to follow.

Sewing This and That 9-2017

I have made progress on fitting adjustments for the peplum top.  Decided that the shoulder and armscye area is just to full and decided to remove the sleeves, to trim out some of this fullness.  I have enough fabric to cut a new pair of sleeves.

It took me forever to remove serger stitches from one sleeve.  I still have the other one to do.  I know there has to be an easier way to remove serger stitches.  If you know a quick way to remove the stitches, please share.  I have not taken the time to go to You Tube and probably there is a tutorial for that.  In removing the stitches, some places had small tears in the armhole area; it is okay as I am removing some from that area.

Here's a peak of the work in progress for this peplum top.  Very fall looking and I am doing more than I normally do to save this fabric and top.

I took advantage of some National Sewing Month discounts.  One was for 15% off EOS fabric.  The deadline was ended last week.  I bought a black denim rayon ponte kn…

Sewing challenge

I had hoped to be posting some photos of the peplum top.  That was not meant to be.I have had some real fitting issues with this pattern.

Attending a weekend retreat a couple of months ago with Pamela Leggett, she explained how she drafts her patterns with the more mature figure in mind.  She adds extra ease through waist and hips, she drafts shoulders for forward shoulders and bodices in the upper/shoulder area are based on high bust measurements.

I needed to add to the bust area and truly added to much and lowered the bust dart by 1/2 inch. Sometimes when you make a FBA the bust gets lowered some.  Also the width at the waist increases unless you move darts.  All of this contributed to fitting issues; keep in mind also knit fabrics have varying stretch capabilities and that impacts fit as well.

Having said all of that the top was way, way, way to big.  I fell to keep in mind when creating the FBA the stretch factor and could have gone with a much smaller increase.  This also added …

Current project

My current project-Pretty Peplum Top using fabric from LaFinch fabrics.  It is a Liverpool Knit, interesting texture.  In the basting stage for the upper bodice at this time.  Not much sewing time this week, too tired after work to do much.

More updates as the sewing journey picks up speed!

Checking In

I am having a long holiday weekend.😉

I took Thursday and Friday off allowing me to do several fun things including spending time in my sewing room.  I have been sewing the Pamela's Patterns Tank Top.  I had some issues with this top and of course I realized there was a tutorial with some updated instructions that were not included in the pattern envelope.

I like the top and I got a good fit; yet I know that I will have issues with the strap growing and they were not stabilized as she recommends in the tutorial.  I used this fabric leftover from another project.
It is a lovely knit with good recovery yet I think it was a little to soft for this particular pattern.  Added to this is the fact that I did not stabilize the neckline or straps as recommended in the tutorial. There were some other stitching instructions about the facing and what I should have done at the strap area.

I will take shots of the finished top and most likely may use this as a tank top for sleeping.  I will ma…


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