PR Tunic Contest

I have been meaning to post about the outcome of the Tunic Contest!  This was the tunic I entered.
Well I came in fourth with the number of votes. I think there were about 81 entries, so not to shabby result.  I enjoyed the process of making this tunic and learning to use my ruffler foot.  I actually wore the tunic a couple of weeks ago when we had some almost fall weather!  It passed the wearability test and I got quite a few compliments from staff and my DH.

Now that it is a officially fall, we are back up in the upper 80's, low 90's.  So put this aside for the moment.  I may try another tunic using the Tunic Bible when I find the right fabric.


  1. Congrats Linda - This is great! ♥ Your tunic looks wonderful!

  2. Love those colors and the ruffled collar.

  3. At first I thought that your right sleeve had a very cool lace bottom. It's the tree trunk, of course, but it's an idea...

    1. Yes I can see how you might think that!๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Congratulations on placing 4th! Your tunic looks very regal

  5. It turned out so nice. Beautiful fabric choice and very flattering colors on you.

  6. What a gorgeous tunic! Very beautiful. Congratulations, Linda!


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