Quick Update

I have had some time to sew today and made progress on Simplicity 8425 dress.

I took a a couple of photos of the choker collar and this one was the better one of all.
The instructions for this pattern are really very good.  After I took this picture, I added the front and back facings.  I am not good with v-neck sewing to get the perfect V.  I plan to search YouTube to see if there is a tutorial that I find helpful.

My scuba knit fabric is beefy and adding a facing over the back collar pieces has made this very thick.  I plan to trim out some of the bulk, before under-stitching.  Next step is to insert the zipper and this goes all the way up to the collar.  Reading ahead with the instructions, I don't like the way they have you finish the zipper at the collar. I think I will do this differently.

More to share later.


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