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New fabric and new project

Yeah! I actually did some sewing related tasks and I began a new sewing project.

Fabric from Fabric Mart arrived a couple of days ago.  Have not ordered any fabric from them in some time.  I am happy with all of the items except the green/brown border print. My fault for not reading the description more thoroughly.  I read cotton and assumed a medium weight fabric, this is more like cotton voile or gauze. I will put aside for warmer weather.

My favorite pieces are the navy and white ottoman jacquard and the denim blue and white herringbone polyester fabric that was a pre-cut item.  I have to thank Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for a picture post on Instagram of her blouse that was a pre-cut paisley fabric that got me to take a look at FM site.
I want to make a topper from the ottoman fabric, just can't decide what pattern to use.  I have several in stash.  I plan to make a blouse with tie for the other fabric, again not sure what pattern I will use as I have several.  The o…

Popping In

Popping in to say that Budget Season is about over!  I made some fabric and pattern purchases recently during this time as that was the closest I was getting to sewing;  I will post shortly.  Trying to get my mojo going again.

Took 1/2 day off yesterday to get a haircut, buy some needles for serger and coverstitch machine and to straighten out the sewing room some.  Moved some fabrics back to the fabric stash room to make way for fall/winter fabrics.  Now if the temperatures would remain constant instead of 50 to 80, I just may get the fall/winter sewing going.

Pictures of new fabric from Fabric Mart and patterns up later.

Bad Blogger Again

I have been doing some sewing, sort of hit and miss.  This past work week was a hectic. Our governor announced several weeks ago that the Commonwealth had a $1.5 billion deficit and the Governor is requiring budget cuts.  Because I work for a non profit agency that  gets state funding for some of the programs that I oversee, yes Virginia, I too will have to implement a budget cut.  This is always painful.

Sewing a little here and there has helped with my stress.  Yet I had to resew inseam pockets on the McCall's 7100 pattern three times!!! That was just on one side!@#!!!  Perhaps just not focused enough!

I plan to get some sewing in for the weekend. I will catch up with you later!

Jalie 3352 Complete

Yes, I did complete a project!

I finished Jalie 3352 and was able to take a few photos before work yesterday when I wore the top.
Here is the top on a hanger--

I have to say that I ended up liking the top more after I paired it with pants that were similar to the light brown color in the print.  I am not sure that I like the drop shoulder on me as I don't think it is all that flattering.  The more I had it on, the more I adapted to the style.  I had to cut off some of the fabric at under arm curve as it was too much fabric and needed to be taken in some.  I cut off about 3/8 of an inch.  I took a tuck in the shoulder area of the pattern before cutting out the fabric.
I used my coverstitch machine to hem the bodice and the sleeves. I used my serger for the garment.  The knit fabric was perfect to work with.  I used bias fusible tape at the neckline and a woven tape for the shoulders.
I did not have to make a FBA; I did take 5/8 swayback adjustment and raised the neckline as well.


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