Bad Blogger Again

I have been doing some sewing, sort of hit and miss.  This past work week was a hectic. Our governor announced several weeks ago that the Commonwealth had a $1.5 billion deficit and the Governor is requiring budget cuts.  Because I work for a non profit agency that  gets state funding for some of the programs that I oversee, yes Virginia, I too will have to implement a budget cut.  This is always painful.

Sewing a little here and there has helped with my stress.  Yet I had to resew inseam pockets on the McCall's 7100 pattern three times!!! That was just on one side!@#!!!  Perhaps just not focused enough!

I plan to get some sewing in for the weekend. I will catch up with you later!


  1. Ooh ouch on the budget cuts. Hope it doesn't affect you all TOO much :/

    Can't wait to see your jacket. I'm sure it'll be awesome :)


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