Popping In

Popping in to say that Budget Season is about over!  I made some fabric and pattern purchases recently during this time as that was the closest I was getting to sewing;  I will post shortly.  Trying to get my mojo going again.

Took 1/2 day off yesterday to get a haircut, buy some needles for serger and coverstitch machine and to straighten out the sewing room some.  Moved some fabrics back to the fabric stash room to make way for fall/winter fabrics.  Now if the temperatures would remain constant instead of 50 to 80, I just may get the fall/winter sewing going.

Pictures of new fabric from Fabric Mart and patterns up later.


  1. Good for you! nothing like adding to the stash for lifting the mojo...

  2. I'm glad work has settled down and the budget is finished. Nothing quite like a tidy up, a stash session and a new haircut to make one feel a little more motivated.


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