Presto Popover Top-take 2

I completed the Presto Popover top and had the opportunity to wear it yesterday.  DH took some photos of me wearing after having worn the top for several hours.


This is my second version of this top.  The first being a wadder; too many pattern adjustments made to the first to really mess up the fit.  With this one, I kept the shoulders as drafted for the medium upper chest and shoulder size.  I drafted a large for the remainder of the top.  I also did a 3/4 inch swayback adjustment.  There are still some fitting adjustments I need to make before I attempt this one again.

The reason for my hands being on my hips for the back photo view is because I really need for hip room in the back.  It rides up while wearing as there is not enough width at the hip area to sit well especially over jeans.  DH wanted me to hold the back piece down so the tell tale wrinkles did not show.  

The front needs a little more bust room.  I made a FBA and eliminated the resulting dart. I can see the wrinkles under the best pointing to the need for more room. I think I can do a vertical adjustment to correct this.

The collar was not as bothersome as I thought it might be. Once you turn the neckline into a shawl time collar it works well.  I still think I will pleat out some of the width on the next one.

The knit used was a sweater knit/rayon fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.  It wears well but fiddly to sew.  The sleeves are still a little tight for my liking and will adjust those more next time.


  1. Good on you for persisting! This color is so lovely on you, glad it got saved for the 2nd version.

    1. Thanks Coco! I think I will finally make the originally planned top in red now that I got the final tweaks worked out.

  2. Great color indeed. Good to have persisted and resulting in a lovely top.

  3. Very nice top, the colour is lovely.


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