M7131 complete

Yeah!  I finally completed a project.  Some days I just don't get enough sewing time and today I was bound and determined to complete the culottes.  I want to wear them to work this week as I have a perfect top and cardi to wear with them.

I will post photos wearing this week; until then, hanging on hanger will have to do.

M7131  Hanging-front view

Side pockets

Back elastic using 1 1/2 inch elastic

I realized that I only shortened these one inch prior to cutting them out; in my earlier post I said two inches.  I really should and will take off another inch.  I ended up cutting off one inch before hemming them at 1.5 inches.  I am truly vertically challenged.  I am 5'2.5" these days with no shoes on.

I really like the feel of these.  I can put my hands in my pocket.  I have plenty of crotch room when sitting and the elastic waist in the back makes for a good fit as well.

More later.


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