NL6150 Complete

I was able to complete my second version of this pattern.
The knit fabric I used is similar to a rayon slub knit.  At times it was rather fiddly to handle.  The fit  was a closer one than the previous version I made.  I did test the fabric against the stretch gauge on the back of the pattern envelope and it passed the test; my first top had more stretch than this one.  As a result I had to reduce side seams from 5/8 to 3/8. 

Here is photo of the completed top on a hanger.
 Here is a close up of the ruched sleeves using elastic to make the gathers.  I lost the pattern guide piece to determine the length of the elastic piece to cut.  After measuring the area to gather and testing the stretch of the elastic, I was able to obtain a look that I liked.
The fabric that I ordered from Fabric Mart arrived yesterday.  It is a lovely cotton lace but not quite the shade I was hoping for to use as a panel insert for the Vogue skirt I am trying to salvage. 

I have decided to cut out the remainder of the Vogue fabric left over from making the other skirt.  Patten is laid out and ready to cut.

The pattern does not call for a lining but I plan to underline the fabric.  The fabric is a sturdy boucle type and I think that it could stretch some without provide some extra support.  I had lining fabric in stash that I can use.

I hope my red denim fabric will arrive next week.  I have so many sewing ideas and not enough time to do them all.

More later.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was a fiddly knit but outcome was good.

  2. Cute top!

    I'm with you on 1,000 things I want to sew but not nearly enough time.

    1. Thanks. I hope to get more sewing time soon.

  3. Love your NL top. That fabric is beautiful.

  4. No one has enough time to sew, I think:) A great pity.

    I love this version of the top Linda - very smart, a really pretty fabric as well.

    1. Thanks Sarah! It looks like spring time. I hope to wear it soon.


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